Always Learning….What’s Our Differentiator?

Today I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a C-suite at a large brand and in that conversation there were some great takeaways. Looking to mentors or those in your network for advice can be nerve racking but, on the flip-side be incredibly rewarding. There are several perspectives you may not have considered. Not that you are one track but, simply did not consider a different view point. Sometimes having these conversations and having someone challenge you and your thought process is just what you needed.

As a new business owner it is difficult to really explain to your clients or those you reach out to without knowing your differentiator. I have been struggling with this a bit in our own accord throughout this startup process and here is where we are…..

In our industry planners do not always understand true business accounting, finance and operations on a larger scale for the business. This is where creativity with dollars and negotiation tactics come into play. Understanding the larger picture of these departments can play a major role in your next steps and give you more leverage when negotiating.

This is where we differentiate. We don’t just strive to stay in the budget and come under but, if we match the budget did we creatively distribute the funds and negotiate best for our clients business and meetings objectives without sacrificing the front end attendee experience.

I know this may sound generic but, in theory how many hospitality professionals, planners specifically still go 200% above the expectation to accommodate. We are in a business meant to please our guests and clients. We are in a different age where the expectations are significantly higher and relationships are more important than ever. Regardless of what event or meeting you are planning always remember attendees, members, customers (whatever your organization calls your revenue driving relationships) are ALWAYS your GUESTS when it comes to your events and meetings. Your GUESTS are always provided outstanding Hospitality.

So the next time you plan, have you done something truly above and beyond your standard duties and did it have an impact on your client?

Until next time……Happy Eventing!

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